Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Unknown Creatures

There are those who don't believe in Dweeblinks, in part, because they are creatures dreamt up from a child's imagination...or are they?

Somewhere in a small town set amid the majestic beauty of the Bayou, where folktales are born and die every minute of the day. Tammi and her little brother Patrick, take a forbidden shortcut while walking home from school. Damned be those who sail across the swamp of the Devil's Gator. Doomed are those who walk on its arable land seeded with serpents, who hide amongst the tall grass. The dim light covers everything with a green hue. Tammi and Patrick watch from behind a bush, as a yellow glow begins to form around the bottom of a rock, that sits alone in a small field of weeds. The rock begins to move to one side, as a hole underneath it gives way to an even brighter light. A scarlet hand emerges as it is witnessed pushing back the rock. Tammi and her brother are horrified, but they can't seem to take their eyes off of the rock. Up pops a small red creature, then an orange one, and then a blue--soon more began to emerge. They have huge eyes that lights-up when you press their nose, protruding ears, three fingers and two toes, with skin like silk and a furry belly that's warm like a hot cup of milk.  They can be quite zany to watch sometimes. When they're scared or when their emotions are running high, they loose their color and turn completely white. Tammi smiles, her brother is still scared and stays put. Tammi walks over to where the creatures are and ask, "what are you?" The creature replies, "I'm a Droll Wanderer Eager Emotional Being Linked In Nature's Kindness. In short, I'm a Dweeblink. Now then...what are you?"

Their world is known as Blinkdom, a strange environment with one portal to and from their home realm, which is hidden underneath a mystical rock. Only the touch of a Dweeblink's hand can move it to one side, a realm unseen by humans. Unfortunately for the Dweeblinks, Blinkdom lacks the essential sustenance that they crave so much, fruits, or as the Dweeblinks like to call them...GOOBLES! It's one of the reasons why our world is so appealing to them.


  1. these characters are so cute! i can't believe you are "self taught" artist! seems like you've had lots of training!

  2. Hello, Dusik. Thanks a billion. No training, just a love for art and creating it.