Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Connectionals

The Connectionals are a group of living components powered by static electricity. Every single part of them are connected to one another, through a network of durable shape-shifting body parts. Within them lies a tapestry of billions of hair follicles and a small but complex brain, that guides them to their next burst of electrons. These creatures dwell in the Dweeblinks' home realm of Blinkdom. They can be found almost anywhere and span thousands of miles apart from one another, yet, they are all one single elongated being. The Connectionals are some of the greatest travelers in Blinkdom, each part of them can move at great speed when need be, or at a very slow pace. They are also used as vehicles by the Dweeblinks. Sit atop of their head and they'll take you anywhere that you wanna go, as long as you give them what they want...a little static shock. Luckily for the Dweeblinks they have furry bellies and feet pads to generate enough static electricity to pay to the Connectionals for their service. These strange beings help to keep the energy level balanced to sustains life in Blinkdom. It is said that without the Connectionals the Dweeblinks' realm could not survive.

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