Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mr. Kreepy

Off in the distance, the thick bushes of the Bayou hides an obscure man named Mr. Kreepy. He sees most of this surreal event unfolding before his eyes. There seems to be at least one grown-up who now believes in Dweeblinks. As the owner of his own traveling Sideshow Circus, he wants nothing more than to capture these unknown creatures and turn a profit. Mr. Kreepy has spent most of his life making money off of the non-norm, and he sees this as an opportunity that cannot be missed.

Bryan D. Kreepy grew up in the Bayou, as a young boy he collected insects of all kinds. In school he kept to himself, because he was ostracized by the other students over his love of insects...even roaches. Although going to class was harsh and living a hard knock life was even worst. Bryan excelled academically; Show and Tell was where his brilliance would shine. He knew everything about insects, rodents and other exotic animals. It was that day during a Show and Tell Bryan is where he met his first friend, Lenny. They would play together, discover new adventures and become the best of friends by the end of the school year.

The next summer, Lenny's parents, a very wealthy couple, invited Bryan to go on a trip with them to Brazil for a few weeks--to which he gladly accepted. Bryan couldn’t sleep, he was excited about all of the critters he was going to see. Plus he was with his best friend, Lenny. Once there, on their first outing together, they headed to Brazil's tropical rainforest. Bryan would tell Lenny all about any insect or small rodent that they would come across. Sometime during their trek nature called and Lenny dipped behind a tree to pee. There he spotted a frog (a poison dart frog). Its bright color was visually appealing to him, as it would be to any child. Not knowing of its lethal danger, he picks it up and handles it as if was a regular frog. Bryan forgot to tell his best friend about this type of frog. Soon after, Bryan finds Lenny lying lifeless, as he turns to see the poison dart frog jumping back into the water. In a blind panic he runs for help. Stumbling through and over bushes and down rough terrain, he falls and a sharp rock takes out his right eye. A continuing roll down a steep hill also shatters one of his knees...he will walk with a limp for life.

Bryan wakes up in the hospital, he's going to be as well as expected. There is no physical pain that can match the hurt that runs inevitably over and over again in his mind. Bryan doesn't talk about his ordeal to anyone, he keeps it bottled up inside him, he blames himself. He has made himself numb to other people's feelings, including his own. It's how he deals with's how he lives. As time passes his mental state becomes radically worst. He talks to himself in a third person, and feels that insects and animals should be placed above the human beings in society. There is a cause for concern.
44 years later, as an adult Mr. Kreepy owns his own traveling Sideshow Circus, he has adopted 13 children. Yet, no one thinks that it's out of love, more so for the fact that they all have some form of deformity or ability that attracts people's attention. They are all apart of what he calls the Non-Norm. They are all apart of his Sideshow of Freaks that puts money in his pockets. He hardly ever let the children go out to play, he doesn't want people to get use to seeing them or getting to know them. This course of events will eventually lead Mr. Kreepy to his greatest discovery, his greatest Non-Norm the world has ever seen...The Dweeblinks.      


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